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Street Gangs, Prison Gangs, and Organized Crime Training
May 18 @ 7:00 am – May 19 @ 4:00 pm

Street Gangs, Prison Gangs, and Organized Crime Training
At the Holiday Inn Express Fisherman’s Wharf
550 North Point Street, San Francisco, CA 94133   

Cultural Competency & Beyond
May 22 @ 9:00 am – May 23 @ 4:00 pm



Leadership for Change is thrilled to be a part of  F.A.C.E. Consulting Collaborative and to offer a two-day workshop where we will deepen  awareness, strengthen skills, and build community  to challenge systems of inequality and inequity.  In this interactive and experiential workshop participants will:

  • Build knowledge and skills for growing more effective cross-cultural relationships and partnerships.
  • Move awareness and understanding into skills, commitment and action.
  • Grow more culturally inclusive teams,
    organizations and communities.
  • Engage in ally work and relationships to address cultural competency, inequity and social justice.

Click  HERE for more info and to register.

The Application of Principled Leadership: During Divisive & Turbulent Times
Jun 1 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
The Application of Principled Leadership:
During Divisive & Turbulent Times 
Leadership determines place, position, policy and practice across all sectors. There is violence in “white silence” that tacitly flows with  racial implicit and explicit bias through all of its expressions in employment, education, housing, healthcare, criminal justice and economic opportunity that minimizes expectations from those who cry out for a level playing field through diversity, equity, and inclusion that can only be realized where there is principled authentic leadership. There is an organizational axiom, “the minimum expected becomes the maximum achieved.” Principled leaders think in terms of setting higher expectations.
Today more than ever we are in need of principled leadership in our personal, professional and social environments. People who are unafraid to face criticism when making tough decisions that produce fair and equitable outcomes across sectors. Those who lead by principle do what is right only because it is right, for right and just reasons. They do not consult political correctness on the eve of important decisions, quite the contrary, they are fully accountable and willing to stand alone if necessary, not holding a finger in the breeze in order to figure which way to go, they simply make the tough call even in the face of unjust pushback and resistance.
Everything rises and falls on the hand and helm of some form or aberration of leadership. And we are all leaders on some level. Someone is always listening to our words and observing our actions to determine if we walk the talk. Who do you view as a mentor and take cues from and why? Who are the bold and courageous leaders that influence, inspire and move you into action for just causes?
This workshop is for those who understand the connection between racial bias, power, privilege,
and position that has created and cultivated a mind-bending narrative that has produced the absence of principled leaders among our midst, across all sectors. We need leaders with the courage to challenge status-quo policies, practices, and patterns that continue to promote and foster inequity and oppression.
In this workshop,
Participants will…
  • Deepen their understanding of the historical narrative that has been contextualized by a post-genocidal nation founded on exclusion and racial difference.
  • Challenge participants to take the personal inventory of their leadership profile and the present and potential impact they have on promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Broaden their understanding and comprehension to readily identify the key characteristics of authentic principled leadership, and how to effectively practice it in all environments.
Facilitated by Greg Taylor
Cost: Earlybird Registration, $125.00 by May 2nd, $150.00 after. Includes materials, a continental breakfast and afternoon snacks.
Seating is limited
Download the Registration Form
Thursday June 1st, 2017  
9:00am – 4:00pm 
The 2100 Building
2100 24th Avenue S.
Seattle, WA 98144 
“Greg’s clear genuine forthright presence
& participation enable
the participants to receive potentially difficult realities
in a safe non- confrontational environment. The workshop is personally
and professionally invaluable.”
Rob Townsend,
Executive Director,
Northwest Folklife, Seattle, Washington
I attended social justice programs instructed by Greg Taylor of Community Connection Consulting, and found the detailed information he provided useful in my work place right away. I appreciated how he created a safe space to ask those awkward questions society teaches us are taboo, when in actuality those questions are at the heart of what it means to become an educated citizen. I would recommend his workshops to anyone who is interested in social change for equity.”
Belinda Chin,
Education Program Supervisor
Environmental Education, 
Seattle Parks And Recreation
“Greg’s workshop was well-researched and provided many useful facts and resources.  As promised, it gave me a new lens to apply to this problem.  But most important, it made everyone in the workshop feel safe to share and learn as allies against a common problem; this left me inspired to do more courageous work in the future.”
Lisa Bernhagen,
Faculty, Highline Community College
“Good dynamic presentation style.” He is great – engaging,
personal, & I really liked his emphasis on reading, learning & research.”
“Fanflippintastic. Raw, honest, approachable.”
~Workshop participants~
Community Connection Consulting
720 N. 10th St. #262
Renton, WA 98057
Courage to Lead for Social Impact: Retreat Series
Jun 2 – Jun 4 all-day
Courage to Lead® for Social Impact
Retreat #1: 9/30/16 iLEAP – Seattle, WA
Retreat #2: 1/27/17 iLEAP – Seattle, WA
Retreat #3: 4/7/17 iLEAP – Seattle, WA
Retreat #4: 6/2/17-6/4/17 Whidbey Institute – Clinton, WA

Courage to Lead® for Social Impact is a renewal and leadership retreat

series that will create the first cohort in a new network of leaders across

the greater Seattle and Northwest region. The program is for people

who are committed to making a positive difference in the world, while

strengthening the fabric of social equity in our community. We envision

a safe and welcoming place to foster reflective leadership and forge

trustworthy relationships among others with similar passion, helping us

sustain each other in our long-term commitments. While most of us are

focused on the external demands of change, we also need a place to

cultivate and nourish our leadership within, in the company of wise and

understanding colleagues.

Courage to Lead® for Social Impact is for you, if:

• You are a leader and a decision maker who is working toward a

more just, compassionate and healthy world.

• You want to be in community with people who you’ll come to

know, trust and support as allies.

• You want to take your leadership to the next level and you

welcome introspection and personal growth.

• You want to learn with a diverse community of leaders from

across professional sectors in order to sustain your commitment

to solving complex social issues.

Join other leaders from Greater Seattle and the Pacific Northwest in this

deep dive into the heart of leadership. Through storytelling, reflection

and facilitated discussions, you’ll have an opportunity to consider your

heart’s work, renew your energy and passion for your cause, and

strengthen your leadership within a community of practice.

Equity Leaders Unite!
Jun 2 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm


Whether it is called diversity, equity and inclusion, multiculturalism, or anti-racism, the role of leading equity initiatives in the workplace can be challenging. Many organizations have created these positions in the past ten years, and those hired are coming in without any clear direction. Equity leaders often feel isolated and can quickly become frustrated or feel overwhelmed.

However, if we can come together to collaborate and learn from each other’s mistakes and successes, perhaps we can craft an easier path forward. As Paulo Freire said, “We make the road by walking.”

This workshop provides an opportunity for equity leaders to share strategies for organizational change, problem solve some of the challenges they face, and to network. Each participant will be asked to bring an example of a success story, strategy, or tool to share. Everyone will be given time to discuss challenges and hear the best thinking from their colleagues.

Facilitators Caprice Hollins and Ilsa Govan will share a model of multicultural organizational development and strategies for change we’ve identified over the past eight years in our work with hundreds of organizations.

We’d love for you to be part of this community where we share ideas to successfully address equity, inclusion and social justice in organizations. Our goal is for participants to come away with new tools for this important work as well as supportive partnerships they can lean on for many years to come. Won’t you join us?

Participants will…

  • Learn tools for engaging in courageous conversations about equity work.
  • Be able to identify stages of multicultural organization development and strategies for moving equity initiatives forward.
  • Collaborate with other equity leaders by sharing resources and best thinking around challenges.
  • Develop a network of equity leaders for on-going support.

Caprice D. Hollins, Psy.D. & Ilsa Govan, M.A.

$150 Early-Bird registration before May 12th, $175 thereafter.
Includes free resources, a light breakfast and afternoon snacks.
No refunds given for any reason after May 26, 2017, although you are welcome to gift your seat to a colleague.

STARS Credits, Clock Hours & CEUs
6 STARS Credits available for Early Childhood and School Age practitioners.

6 Clock Hours available for Washington State Certificated Teachers. Please bring a check for $12 payable to Puget Sound ESD.

This workshop has been approved for 6 CEUs by the Washington State Chapter, National Association of Social Workers (NASW) for Licensed Social Workers, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists and Licensed Mental Health Counselors. Our provider number is #1975-369.

Notes & Questions About Registration:

When scheduling events and partnering with venues, we prioritize making the event physically accessible for all participants whenever possible. The 2100 Building is wheelchair accessible and the workshop is on the ground floor. Accessible parking is available in the parking garage. We ask that you please refrain from wearing strong fragrances in order to keep this event accessible to community members with chemical sensitivity. To inquire about the possibility of additional accommodations, please contact Mercedes Robinson at the email listed above by May 19, 2017.

Authentic Leadership in Action – Summer Conference
Jun 22 @ 9:00 am – Jun 25 @ 5:00 pm

Authentic Leadership in Action (ALIA)

Engaging the Differences that Divide Us

A Three-day Leadership Conference

June 22-25, 2017

Tacoma, Washington

Strengthen your capacity to lead fearlessly in challenging situations. Participate in a powerful learning community and experience “deep dive” modules with world-class faculty.

Super early bird pricing available now – limited tickets available!

Register here

Difference can stimulate creativity and the kind of breakthrough innovation organizations need to address today’s challenges. The best decisions happen when differences are included, valued and worked with effectively.

However, differences can also activate exclusion, defensiveness, and aggression in ourselves and others. These reactions block clear thinking and skillful action. Over time this pattern hardens us from the inside out and can create serious dysfunction in a team, organization or community.

Whether we work in corporations, governments, nonprofits or schools, we inevitably encounter strong differences.

  • How can we appreciate differences without seeking to change others or have the differences divide us?
  • How can we work together in the midst of disagreement?
  • How can we use our differences to make us stronger and more creative?

If you are looking for a better way, and are daring enough to explore new practices, please join us. Together, at this 3 day leadership intensive, we can learn how to engage with difference and, in doing so, better engage the wisdom in our groups or organizations.

At the conference, you’ll find a safe yet challenging place to stretch your way of thinking and open to possibilities for leading with more success in your organization. The curriculum is leading edge, deeply personal and highly engaging. This unique leadership development experience not only expands your thinking and skills, but also connects you to a talented network of professionals.

The conference brings together expertise in the practices of conflict engagement, authentic leadership, and mindfulness. Drawing from proven methodologies, the seasoned faculty team brings a multi-faceted approach to engaging with differences. Far from just adding another “tool in your toolbox,” this event is intentionally designed to work at a deeper level of thinking and acting in the world.

Current research concludes what many of us intuitively know—that traditional leadership programs fall short because they place “too much focus on delivering information and content and not enough on the hard work of developing the leaders themselves” (Nick Petrie, Center for Creative Leadership, 2013). For 17 years, ALIA has been ahead of the curve, integrating mindfulness, creative process, and systems thinking into an integrative model of authentic leadership development. ALIA is part of the Authentic Leadership Center at Naropa University


Aftab Erfan, PhD

Director of Dialogue and Conflict Engagement, University of British Columbia, and senior practitioner of Deep Democracy

Gaylon Ferguson, PhD

Faculty, Naropa University; Author Natural Bravery: Fear and Fearlessness as the Direct Path of Awakening

Arawana Hayashi

Co-founder of the Presencing Institute and creator of Social Presencing Theatre

Susan Skjei, PhD

Experienced executive, consultant, and coach; Director of the Authentic Leadership Center, Naropa University


Super Early Bird Special 20% off through March 15 – $795
Early Bird Special 10% off through May 1 – $895
Full Price through June 15 – $995
Full Price Plus through June 22 – $1050
*Price includes all meals

Accommodations for all 3 nights – $240
*Price includes pod arrangement with private room, shared bath, kitchen, and living room

Additional discounts available for groups, members, partners and sponsors.

Partial scholarships available to those who would not otherwise be able to attend – application coming soon! Donate to the scholarship fund by clicking “tickets” here.

Super early bird rates available now – limited tickets available!


2017 Latino Youth Leadership Summit
Jun 23 @ 8:00 am – Jun 24 @ 5:00 pm
Bridge Conference 2017
Oct 16 @ 8:00 am – Oct 17 @ 5:00 pm
Bridge Conference

Bridge Conference 2017

Registration Now Live

The premier conference for expanded learning professionals in the Pacific Northwest is returning to the University of Washington October 16 & 17, 2017!

Our theme this year is Together We Rise. What does it take for young people to thrive? Creating inclusive environments for young people goes beyond offering fun enrichment and quality academic supports. Young people also need places where they can heal wounds created by exclusion and inequity. Young people need tools and supports to empower them to become change agents.

Together We Rise means programs, communities and families work together to advocate for inclusive programs. We will ensure young people are not just resilient, but are self-aware; not just leaders, but thoughtful individuals invested in their futures and the future of their communities. Highlighted sessions include community organizing, engaging families, being a change agent within our programs and communities.

Stay tuned for keynote and workshop session announcements later this spring.

Monday & Tuesday, Oct 16 & 17, 2017

4001 E Stevens Wy NE, Seattle, WA 98195

$425 (Until Sep. 14)

Register Now

The Bridge Conference is a project of: